A little about us



This was our first trip (& selfie) together!

Welcome to both of our first blogs! We met in London around April 2014, and have been inseparable ever since. We both love to travel, explore and adventure and David’s dream job when we first met was to be a travel journalist.. However, we both lead pretty typical lives and wanted to share and inspire others from our great experiences and recommendations. David Wall, handsome bearded man, works in marketing and likes to sample local produce (including the wine & beer) as long as they’re not too daring. Hollie Whitfield, energetic and restless blondie, works as a neuropsychiatric nurse and likes stay away from the tourist hot spots and experience cultures and the local way of living.


We wanted to think about what would make this blog a bit different from all other travel and recommendation blogs, so we looked back on all of our adventures. A lot of people have said that our itineraries are ‘crazy’ and that we won’t have enough time to do all of the things and see all of the sites that we plan to, but we did it.. No matter how little time we have had in each location, we sure do make the most of it and we think that probably stems from our similar personality traits. We both get what we like to call, cabin fever if we lounge around in the house for too long and neither of us can really sit still. Our trips are always cram packed and we make the most of every minute away together, so our personal niche is no matter how little time or money, you can make it work, you just have to put the time in and plan, or get your girlfriend to do it, as David would say.


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