The City of London

Where it all began

London, Herne Hill is where we both currently call home. We both love the city, its diversity and the opportunities it has given both of us. London really does have something for everyone, and at any time of the day and night. We enjoy walking around the city, which we like to call ‘mooching’, finding a good coffee spot and people watching.  We have both lived in numerous neighbourhoods in the city, and they all have their own quirks and hotspots.


Gloucester Road, Royal London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
David was living here when we both met, possibly the best neighbourhood for the finer type of mooching, with some of the city’s most expensive living and boutique shopping. David lived a stones throw away from The Hereford Arms, so our evenings either consisted of strolling over to the pub enjoying a glass of wine in their outdoor seating area admiring the locals, or inside near the fire.. dependent on the british weather. This location brings back great memories for us both, we would often take our dinner or a picnic to the nearby Hyde Park. This is when David discovered Hollie’s love for dogs, and Hollie discovered David’s particular taste of wine when she had chosen the bottle for the picnic.

Borough High Street, Borough of Southwark
Hollie was living in nursing accomidation when we both met, and surprisingly the time spent in each others neighbourhoods were mutual. Even though Hollie had a room the size of a matchbox and a bed just about big enough for one. This was a great location for sampling the goods at Borough Market, especially the cheese pretzels, sourdough breads and fresh fruits and juices. Mommouth Coffee was David’s favourite coffee spot, and we would que for any lengths of time for his caffeine hit. Evenings were spent strolling along the River Thames, and from here you could access great transport links to the whole city, from foot, underground or bus.

Stoke Newington, London Borough of Hackney
Known as Stokey to fellow Londoners, Stoke Newington is our on-par favourite neighbourhood with Herne Hill. David moved into a house share for a year, and Hollie stayed for the majority of the time to undertake a nursing placement in the nearby Homerton area (not recommended).  Stokey is great, trendy and has a homely, community feel. Clissold Park is one of our favourite parks, it’s big and green with an animal inclosure with deers, goats and a butterfly dome. It has a lovely pond, with bridges to cross and lots of space for more summer night and sunday picnics. Clissold House is a beautiful victorian building in the center of the park, it serves great coffee and ice cream and is always surrounded by ‘yummy mummy’s’ and dogs. Green Lanes is a quirky high street, with a Turkish and Kurdish presence serving David’s favourite dish of Lachmacun in North London. This area is full with alternative clothe shopping, great spots for brunch and a favourite Irish pub, The Auld Shillelagh a good spot for guiness, taytos and watching the rugby.

Peckham, London Borough of Southwark 
Back to the South of London, Hollie moved from the nursing accomidation in Borough to Peckham with friends for her final year of study. 5 girls in a victorian built house, it was full of laughs and the occasional tears getting through those final exams. Peckham is super ethically diverse, a popular african community with affluent streets such as Bellenden Road. Bellenden Road is full with coffee shops, restaurants and pubs. Go to Anderson & Co for a superb eggy brunch, The Montpelier for a glass of red and their personalised cinema and/or the arty Bar Story for a ‘green tea business’ cocktail under the railway tracks. Peckham is famous from a British sitcom ‘Only Fools and Horses’, we wouldn’t say it relates to that show very much anymore.

Herne Hill, Overlaps London Borough of Southwark and Lambeth 
Our Home! We love Herne Hill for its amenities, location and community feel. Here we moved into a gorgeous, but very old and starting to fall apart, victorian flat. We are also both paying the most rent we have for London, but we feel at home, safe and content here. Herne Hill is a great mix for us, its not too quiet or loud and is just the right location to be involved with the city, if we want to. The Florence is our ‘local’, great selection of wines and they sell local brewed beer from Canopy Beer Co, which is a must try, especially our favourite Brockwell IPA, smooth and hoppy. We also often visit the brewery/ tap room under the arches off Norwood Road, which is great to sample their other beers. On Sundays we rarely leave Herne Hill, they have a farmers market selling local produce, arts and crafts just outside the railway station. We love sampling the cheese, getting coffee and freshly squeezed juices, having a mooch then grabbing some lunch and taking it over to Brockwell Park. They sell amazing vegan foods and sausage rolls!
You are also a stones through away from other great neighbourhoods in Herne Hill, all of which are very diverse. Try Dulwich Village and East Dulwich for relaxed food and drinks, and great independent shopping and boutiques and flower stalls. Dulwich Park also, for a sunday stroll or picnic, you can hire paddle boats or take a look around the Dulwich Picture Gallery and visit an exhibition. Brixton is a similar distance away, around a 15 minute walk. Full of clubs, bars, restaurants, high street shops, street food.. a lot more lively and upbeat. Both of these locations have Franco Manco pizza restaurants, our guilty pleasure and favourite pizza place in the world. A really simple restaurant serving freshly made sourdough pizza, tangy and bitter tomato base with basically any topping you want. We always get a number 2 (for the basil and cheese) and number 6 (for the chorizo and mozzarella), the pizzas are light (financially too!) and go really well with their homemade chilli and garlic olive oils and house red wine.

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